mangakaMangaka is a GNU/Linux operative system based on Ubuntu and Debian. It’s especially developed for the specific needs of the anime and manga community from japan and world wide, including by default professional free software for fansubbing, web browsing, multimedia playback and 2D graphical creations as well codecs, java and flash out-of-the-box. The release of each version may be sheduled in following order:

  1. ALPHA
  2. BETA
  3. RC (release candidate)
  4. FINAL

All codenames are made from AnimeManga-Japanese pronunciations, listed with the following meaning, release year and status:

  • ONE (sister) 2008 (finalized)
  • CHU (kiss) 2009 (finalized)
  • MOE (cutie) 2010 (finalized)
  • NYU (innocent act) 2014 (finalized)
  • KOE (sound) 2015 (finalized)
  • MOU (yet) 2015 (finalized)
  • CHOU (butterfly) 2016 (release candidate)
  • IKE (coming) 2020 (alpha)
  • AIO (love) 2020 (alpha)

The whole system carry base licenses (General Public License) as from Linux, Debian, Ubuntu and their derivations. Wikipedia: English Spañol Português Pусский Distrowatch: English

Our goal is to offer the world a variation of playback and editing software suitable for drawing, reading, editing Mangas, and for watching, fansubing, fandubing Animes, releasing all them in each codename to meet your PC model specifications.