Linux Mangaka Aio (beta)

Screenshot aio


Happy new Year for everybody in the Anime/Manga community!

Some of you has already noticed that there was some uploaded contents in the sourceforge folder, and as teamleader of  the project, i started this all alone from scratch (using raspbian buster lite) to show you guys the same Mangaka that was made and released like back in the year of 2005 (Linux Mangaka One).

For freedom lovers, this time i put the effort to build Mangaka Aio using MATE as desktop environment with Privacy in mind, removing google and others tracking scripts as well (we currently moved from GMAIL to TUTANOTA too).

I’m right now  using the system as main OS for the RaspberryPi4 and testing as well on the 3b+ modell that is today still actually used. Even that the system is stable enought, i want to still call it BETA because there are some features missing.

You can download Mangaka, install and share with anyone! See the Mangaka page.


DÜTSH (german accent)

Libr freudn vo ganz Anime/Manga kreis, i wünsh eu a glückliha nüa Jor!

Hüt möcht i eu mitteila übr die neue version vo Linux Mangaka, dzu kum i dran das dismol hon i vo anfang an alles alla gstellt, ane leichta betriebsystem mit datenschutz (wir sind o ungzoga vo GMAIL zu TUTANOTA).

Momentan nutz i die als hauptsystem in ma RaspberryPi4 und probia i den o bei Pi3b+. Es ist sho stabil gnug abr leida steht als BETA weil no a paar klina sacha fehlt.

Ihr kön heruntaladn dn system in die link vo Mangaka, instalira und verteiln mit allem!



Teamleader, M. Schneider